A short story for younger readers

Today we’d like to offer this short story by Bob Brooks, suitable for our younger readers. We hope you enjoy it.
Rachel Rabbit decided she would like to make a new friend. She didn’t know who it would be, but that would be part of the fun. So she got up early one day and went to the garden with one of her mother’s baskets. She filled it to nearly overflowing with many kinds of beautiful flowers. There were roses and Canterbury bells and poppies and more. In addition to looking beautiful, they smelled wonderful.

It was a lovely day for a bunny hop, and she decided to go to a glade about 1/2 mile into the woods. She had only been there once before, but it seemed like a nice place to find a friend. When she arrived, she placed the basket on the ground, sat down, and waited. The ground was covered in soft moss and clover. Bees were buzzing all around the clover. At first, she heard no sounds even though she listened very hard. Then a few birds began to tweet, and possibly, she saw a squirrel in a nearby tree. She decided to just sit there and remain very quiet and see what would happen. 

Suddenly two sparrows landed on the edge of her basket. She was about to say hello when they grabbed a poppy and flew away into the trees. That was a bit rude, she thought. Then a small rabbit hopped quickly through the glade but seemed not to even notice her. 

Nothing else happened for a while, and before she knew it, she heard the church bell bong 12 times. She should go home for lunch. Rachel stood up and said to whomever could hear her, “I have to go home for lunch now but I’ll leave the flower basket here. Anyone is very welcome to take and enjoy the flowers.” 

Then someone said, “I would like a flower but I can’t walk to the basket.” 

Rachel thought the voice was coming from a hollow in a large oak tree and hopped over to it with her basket. She looked inside and saw an old squirrel with one leg wrapped in a cloth. 

The squirrel said, “Welcome to my home. My name is Chauncey.” 

Rachel responded, “My name is Rachel Rabbit, and I am very pleased to meet you. How did you hurt your leg?” 

“I fell out of a tree when I tried to jump between two branches. I guess I’m not as young as I used to be.” 

“I’m very sorry. I hope you get better soon,” said Rachel kindly. “Which flower is your favorite?” 

“I think the red roses are beautiful.”

“Yes, they are.” She picked out the biggest rose and gave it to the squirrel. 

“Thank you so much,” said the squirrel. “I know you have to go now, but would you like to come back and visit some time?” 

“I would be honored to come and visit, and I would like to be your friend,” she said.

“Then we shall be friends,” said Chauncey and smiled. 

Rachel said, “I do have to leave now but will return for a visit, soon.”

Chauncey said goodbye and she began her hop home.

Rachel was thrilled. She had made a new friend with just a red rose.
This story features characters which also appear in Bob’s book, Tales From The Glades Of Ballymore. You can read more about it here
Look out for more short stories on Kindle for Kids soon.

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