Adventures with Scarlet the Dolphin: Green Sea Turtles

Hailey is an 8-year-old girl and her best friend is Scarlet, who happens to be a dolphin. Scarlet takes Hailey on a new adventure every day and teaches her all about life in the ocean. On this adventure, Scarlet takes Hailey off the coast of Hawaii where she meets Link, a Green Sea Turtle. After Hailey learns all about Green Sea Turtles she gets to play with Scarlet and Link before having to return back home to the beach.

About the Author

Jennifer lives in Arnold, Missouri with her husband and biggest supporter, Nick, and her two daughters, Adelynn, age 4, and Faith, age 2.

Jennifer had a dolphin encounter on a family vacation at the age of 19 with a dolphin named Scarlet.  It was then she came up with the idea for Adventures with Scarlet the Dolphin. However it was not until she had children of her own that she took the time to start writing.  Nothing has given Jennifer more joy than reading the book she wrote to her own daughters.

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