Jack Dervish, Super Spy

Jack Dervish was just four-years-old when the nasty incident took
place at 74 Eaton Place and his super-spy parents vanished. Now Jack
is twelve, and after years of living in his parents’ super-spy lair,
training in every manner of super-spy skills, he’s decided it’s time
to attend school. After all, how can he foil the international crime
syndicate and fight evil if he can’t pass as a normal, youngish
Londoner? Unfortunately, Jack quickly catches the attention of the
Homeland Security Office…along with the most dangerous bullies at St.
John’s Preparatory School. His only hope lies in his new friends,
Isobel, William and Squid, and the super-spy skills he’s never had the
opportunity to test, at least not against actual people…

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