Keeping Secrets

Book 1 of Timber Ridge Riders

A beautiful horse is dead, and it’s all her fault, which is why 14-year-old Kate McGregor has put horses and riding out of her life. 


But her new summer job as a companion to Holly Chapman, a former riding star who’s now confined to a wheelchair, takes her back to the barn where she’s forced to confront her guilt. 

Can Kate keep her terrible secret from Holly, who is fast becoming her best friend? And, more important, can she keep her secret from Angela Dean who lives for only two things: winning ribbons and causing trouble?

Filled with action and intrigue, Keeping Secrets is the first book in a new series for savvy girls who love horses.

About the Author

Maggie Dana’s first riding lesson, at the age of five, was less than wonderful. She hated it so much, she didn’t try again for another three years. But all it took was the right horse and the right instructor and she was hooked.

After that, Maggie begged for her own pony and was lucky enough to get one. Smoky was a black New Forest pony who loved to eat vanilla pudding and drink tea, and he became her constant companion. Maggie even rode him to school one day and tethered him to the bicycle rack … but not for long because all the other kids wanted pony rides, much to their teachers’ dismay.

Maggie and Smoky competed in Pony Club trials and won several ribbons. But mostly, they had fun — trail riding and hanging out with other horse-crazy girls. At horse camp, Maggie and her teammates spent one night sleeping in the barn, except they didn’t get much sleep because the horses snored. The next morning, everyone was tired and cranky, especially when told to jump without stirrups.

Born and raised in England, Maggie now makes her home on the Connecticut shoreline. When not mucking stalls or grooming shaggy ponies, Maggie enjoys spending time with her family and writing the next book in her Timber Ridge Riders series.


Visit Maggie’s website at:

Book Two of the Timber Ridge Riders: Racing Into Trouble, is now available. Click here to see details on . And on

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