Quest One. The Golden Scarab

Imagine you’re 12 years old and you always dream of greater things.

Then imagine that you discover a way to pass through time to a land that you had only ever seen in books and movies.

How would you feel if you and your friends were the only ones that could preserve history and save the world from disaster?

All is not well in Ancient Egypt and heroes are needed.

Peace in Ancient Egypt is set to be shattered by an evil God with plans to overthrow his brother Horus, King of the Gods. A magical amulet is the key to his evil plan – It’s the only thing that stands in the way of his rise to power.

JJ Sterling and his friends Linc and Rani are thrust back to Ancient Egypt on a quest to save history. Back to a time full of action, adventure and danger – where statues are alive!

It’s a race against time as the three heroes from the future take on a desperate quest full of deadly challenges and danger every step of the way.


Out Now The next in the series –  Quest Two: The Cursed Nile – click here for details

About the Author

I was born in Perth, Australia and grew up in a normal suburban environment. Since childhood I have dreamt of creating world’s to which others can escape. As a youngster I always wanted to be an animator – inspired by those who created characters and stories with their skilled hands. This seemed the perfect way to express my imagination to others.

As there weren’t alot of opportunities for world famous animators in my home city of Perth this dream needed to evolve over the years. I now write children’s fiction whenever I have the chance.

Even after all this time the dream to share my imagination and creativity has continued to smoulder inside, waiting for it’s chance to shine. Although juggling a busy corporate career with raising a young growing family, the need to create and share my stories can’t be held back any longer.

Now with the onset of the eBook this dream has escaped into the wider world.

I hope that you enjoy my writing and sincerely thank you for lending me your mind.


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