The Boots of Saint Felicity

The Important Person From Far Away Festival is but three days away and everybody in the Splickety Village is busy preparing for the event.  Everyone, that is, except  teenager Joxey Brownfeather.  He has become increasingly preoccupied with his approaching sixteenth birthday, a milestone he is unlikely to pass with his ability to fly intact.  Joxey is one of the best flyers the village has ever seen and he loves to soar through the air.  But flying is for children and the skill disappears as one becomes a young adult.  Joxey seeks  the advice of local bookshop owner, Hugh DeGrew, the smartest man in the village.  But Hugh has disappeared and instead Joxey finds two photographs in Hugh’s office.  One is an aerial picture of the valley.  The other is of his mother who died five years previously while on an archaeological expedition in the local mountain.  Joxey turns immediately to his sister, Bernie.  As the Brownfeathers investigate, events take a terrible turn and the village must fight for its very life.  Meanwhile secrets are revealed.  Secrets born deep in the mountain, beneath the lowest of the low caves a long, long time ago.

2 Responses to The Boots of Saint Felicity

  1. Bob Brooks says:

    Is your book not available on Amazon?

    • Jean Cross says:

      Hello Bob,

      Sorry to have to report that my book will be unavailable until Wednesday 29 Feb. I took it off Amazon when I realised that some of the formatting had not translated properly to Kindle.
      Self publishing can be a bit of a leraning curve.

      You will be able to check out The Boots of Saint Felicity later in the week, if you would like to.

      Thanks for leaving your comment. All the best.

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