The Discoveries of Delilah Dark

Introducing Delilah Dark, a sarcastic 12-year old psychic with a sharp black bob and crocodile-coloured eyes.  Since the death of her sister, Bel, she’s not really been a people person, preferring the company of her pet snake Slinky and fighting off boredom with very black coffee.

But that’s before the rise of the shadowy business BigCorp, whose boss is pushing humanity towards an apocalypse.  There are shopping riots and no one can stop guzzling food.  Is it anything to do with those creepy Burgerlicious adverts?  Or the new credit card, Faustcard, where you really should read the small print?  The world needs saving, and Delilah Dark is in deeper than she thinks…

This is the first part of the Delilah Dark trilogy, and should appeal to fans of Roald Dahl and JK Rowling. (for readers 8-12)


About the Author

Evie Glass lives in London. She likes tarot-reading, taxidermy and writing really gloomy poetry. This is her first novel.


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