The Ghost at Cavern Lake Hollow

As the sound of the villainous men’s footsteps grow dimmer and dimmer, the silence envelopes Mag and her friend. The dark is absolute. Mag fights down her fear. She has heard the talk of anyone who has ever gone caving—what happens when they lose their light. Her only hope is that Melinda will find a way to rescue them.

Melinda escapes the dark passages of the cavern and runs down the lake shore looking for reinforcements to help rescue her friends.  She certainly doesn’t expect to land in this kind of danger when her parents drag her and her four aggravating brothers to the Ozarks. Indeed, far from her friends back east, Melinda fears a long, drawn out summer vacation.

Then she meets Mag who introduces her to all the things summer has to offer in her neck of the woods—exploring the lake in her rowboat, swimming and camping on the beach, hiding out in a secret tunnel of trees.

Soon, the two girls begin to notice strange goings-on: lights at night inside an old abandoned mansion; strange men appearing in unexpected places; and a rash of petty pranks and thefts that wreak havoc on the peaceful community. In the midst of it all, Melinda starts seeing a ghost. Who is this ghost and what does he want?

Events take an even darker turn when the intrepid duo discover the mouth of a vast land cave hidden just beneath the surface of the lake…

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The Ghost at Judy Creek Station:

About the Authors

Laurie Cameron and Laura Meagher love mysteries. We devoured them as kids and still do today. That’s why we decided to team up and write our ghost mysteries. Laura is Laurie’s husband’s sister’s daughter (phew!). In other words, she is Laurie’s niece. We have been writing together since 2008.

When we started, Laurie lived in the Dominican Republic and Laura lived and continues to live in the same Chicago suburb where she grew up. Since then Laurie has resided in Honduras for four years and is now living in Sedona, Arizona.

For this reason, all our writing happens over the internet. First Laura writes a chapter and e-mails it to Laurie, then Laurie writes one and e-mails it to Laura. The chapters aren’t always

sequential. If one of us is inspired to write a particular chapter, she writes it. We worry about putting it all together later. But each chapter provides inspiration to continue.

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