Trapped in Gondwana

Eleven-year-old Nellie Russell is just an ordinary girl until the day she becomes trapped on the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana. Now she must find the courage to fight fearsome Gondwanan animals including a Demon Duck, striped wolves and a tree climbing crocodile. Nellie journeys through the misty forests where unseen creatures, spirits of the underworld and troll-like monsters lurk. Along the way, she triumphs over tests, collects adventures stones and deciphers riddles. But she must reach the centre of Gondwana before nightfall or she will never see her home and family again. Blocking her way is the mysterious Big Test and a magic spell.


Will Nellie overcome these final obstacles to make it out of Gondwana and back to her home?


About  the Author

I’m JB Rowley. I write stories. I also tell stories and that’s when I dress up in colourful clothes and wear a turban. Some people think I am an adult but they don’t know that I’m really still a kid. I used to live in a forest a lot like Gondwana. Australian animals and birds were my friends. I climbed trees, chased lizards and snakes down hollow logs, looked after birds’ eggs, helped to raise baby birds and animals, and played Hansel and Gretel in the bush with my brothers. I also read lots of books. I had a favourite spot in the hay shed, high up at the top where no one could see me. I would curl up there and read for hours. I still read lots of books but I can’t do some of the other things now that I live in the city.


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One Response to Trapped in Gondwana

  1. JB Rowley says:

    Thanks so much for having me here at Kindle For Kids and congratulations on setting up this spectacular book site. JB 🙂

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