Chamaeleon: The Secret Spy

Chamaeleon: The Secret Spy is an action  packed, fantasy  adventure story written for children aged between 9-13 and enjoyed just as much by their grandparents.

Until his thirteenth birthday Kel lives with his mother in the Woodland where everyone has the ability to blend with the trees and become invisible. But Kel’s talents go far further and deeper than this.

When his country comes under threat from the evil Grey Lord of Keraylia, Kel is recruited as a spy by the mysterious Spymaster and sent on a dangerous and desperate mission to destroy a deadly weapon.

Attack by bandits, flooded rivers and friends who may be foes are some of the perils that Kel, along with his friend and mentor, Rostyn, face as they travel north into the mountains to infiltrate the home of their enemy. When Rostyn disappears inside the forbidding Grey Keep, Kel must draw on all his powers – and the help of a bossy Princess – to rescue his friend and complete his mission.

Packed with fast paced excitement, Chamaeleon: The Secret Spy is a story you won’t want to end.

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New – Chamaeleon: The Dragon Key – sequel to The Secret Spy

“What if the boy they want to kill is me?”

Kel’s latest mission should have been easy for the thirteen year old spy — ensure that young Sun Chi becomes the next Emperor of Lasheen. But Sun Chi needs the missing Dragon Key before he can be crowned.

Convinced that the boy’s sinister uncle Lord Wei Fei is plotting to seize the throne, Kel sets out to solve the dangerous mystery of the Dragon Key. But with the coronation only a week away, can he do so in time?

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About The Author

Hello, I’m Lynda.

I live in England with my husband in an untidy house filled with books – the old-fashioned printed sort! – gadgets and three computers.

For many years I was a Girl Guide (Scout) leader and enjoyed taking the Guides away on holiday. We never went camping, though we did do all the things you do on a camp including holding a campfire and toasting ‘Smores and marshmallows. The girls preferred to go on adventure holidays, the sort that included activities like night hikes, kayaking, climbing and crate-stacking, which is how I managed to enrol one girl while we hung suspended twenty feet in the air halfway down an abseiliing tower! I wasn’t scared. Honest. (OK, well, maybe just a little bit.)

I have also enjoyed holidays on narrow boats, cruising the extensive canal system in England – the picture of me here shows me drinking my morning coffee on the back of one of these boats.

Now, I concentrate on my writing. There are several more of Kel the Chamaeleon’s adventures to come and I also write books for adults.  My hobbies include reading, pottering in the garden and playing computer games.

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Twitter @LyndaWilcox

Happy reading.

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