The Holmes and Watson Mysterious Events and Objects Consortium: The Case of the Witch’s Talisman

Kevin and Ginny are best friends. They enjoy spending their summer vacations exploring Sharper’s Woods, coming up with neat experiments, pretending to be Sherlock Holmes and Mister Watson, and sometimes just sitting in the clubhouse of The Holmes and Watson Mysterious Events and Objects Consortium. They are the only members of the club, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun.

Sometimes their exploring gets them into trouble, either for going somewhere they shouldn’t have or by finding something that was better left unfound. In this case, it is a strange metal object, a talisman, which calls forth, unbeknownst to Kevin and Ginny, a powerful witch. The kids do know that weird events have been happening in their small town. Animals have been found dead, and then they disappear. The metal object they found has a strange effect on Ginny when she touches it. It will take all their detective skills and courage to solve the mystery, and to defeat the witch once they realize who they are up against.


About the Author

Elmore Hammes is the proud uncle of more than a dozen nieces and nephews. He wrote The Holmes and Watson Mysterious Events and Objects Consortium: The Case of the Witch’s Talisman for them as a Christmas present one year, and when they didn’t give it back he decided to share it with other kids. He also gave them other presents, so maybe that helped. He enjoys writing short stories and novels, and also helping other people with their stories. He has a friend who wrote his first book when he was 14 years old – so don’t think that kids can’t write books, too, because they can! When he isn’t writing, Elmore loves to read. He also performs on stage in his local community theatre – he has fun playing the villain even though in real life he tries to be the good guy. He doesn’t use an alarm clock because he shares his house with two cats, Snuggles and Chuck, who wake him up for breakfast every morning.


Visit Elmore’s website at:

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