Year of the WereCurse — WereWhat?

When the Hobokens learn they’ve inherited a mansion from a great-aunt they didn’t know existed, 12-year-old Jack Henry thinks it’s yet another move to yet another town with yet another school.

But Hobokenstone Manor isn’t even close to anything he could have imagined. It’s not so bad that it’s located by the sea (even if there are . . . shudder . . . lobsters). He could even learn to live with the fact that the rooms move and that there’s no real comics store in town – eventually. Nope, it’s not until his entire family turns into WereAnimals at his birthday party that Jack Henry realizes life at the manor is even more complicated than the plot of The Gargoyle Knight, Depths of Peril.

Now Jack Henry must face gargantuan lobsters, deal with the ghosts of his evil ancestors and convince his parents that turning into WereAnimals isn’t normal if he’s ever going to get his family out of Hobokenstone Manor and find somewhere they can call home. Of course, they have to make it past the pitchfork- and torch-wielding villagers first.

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