Rascals Sing At The Opera House

When Pollyweena is banned from the singing festival for singing out of tune, her best friend refuses to go. The headmistress can’t have that because Gertie has the best voice in the whole school. Polly comes up with a brilliant idea. She promises to mime. After all, she wants to be famous like Justin Beiber and no one’s going to stop her.



A fun tale, fully illustrated throughout with attractive line drawings.


About the Author

I live in a brick cottage surrounded by gumtrees, kangaroos and bandicoots in a costal village in NSW Australia. I have guinea pigs living in my lounge room in a two story wooden house, and I’m a volunteer for a charity that cares for injured and orphaned wildlife. Sometimes our house is invaded by weird little creatures called Antechinus. And in the middle of the night, they hang upside down on the ceilings and eat my pet spiders. I like to get up in the middle of the night too, just to raid the cookie jar.

This is a picture of  an Antechinus:

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