The Obsidian Pebble

Oz Chambers lives in a haunted house. His mother wants to move, but Oz knows the house holds huge secrets. When he and his friends hear ghostly footsteps, they search the house’s eerie attic. But what Oz hasn’t bargained for is that he’s not alone in his quest and that solving Penwurt’s puzzles will uncover a murky secret, and the chilling realisation that nothing is quite what it seems.

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The Curse of Borage-Doone

The Dreables on Amazon UK

The Curse of Borage-Doone on Amazon UK

About the Author

RA Jones lives in West Wales surrounded by mountains which are always green– thanks to all the rain.

I was brought up in a village where, as children, we spent every waking moment outside in what was one giant playground.  Rivers and streams and mountains and caves were just outside my door.  No mobiles, no daytime TV, no cartoon network, or Nickelodeon. We’re only talking thirty years ago and yet it must seem like the dark ages to some of my readers.
But what it gave me was the freedom to let my imagination run wild. And guess what? It hasn’t stopped yet.
I write all sorts of books, but the ones I have most fun with are the ones I write for people aged 9 and up.  Scary stories mostly, but with a dollop of fun on top. Nowadays, you can still find me chasing my imaginings on the tops of mountains, usually with my two dogs. And you can read all about the stories on the website;

RA Jones’ links

Twitter   @rajartefact

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