Zombie Mist

” This book is suitable for the 6-13 age range and contains no ‘unsuitable’ material” – Jim Bronyaur (J Wiz)


Nolan moves into a new house. That means a new town, a new school, and new friends. He’s not happy about the move, but he tries his best.

Exploring his new house, he finds a small key in the basement. The key doesn’t work in any of the locks in the house but one day, after making friends at school, he learns of a secret his new town holds.

A man who could raise the dead was locked away in a tomb and there’s only one key to open that tomb.

When Nolan shows his friends the key he found, they decide to try and see if the key will open the tomb.

Not only does the key open the tomb, it releases a black mist into the air, and worse yet, the dead start to climb from the ground… can Nolan stop the zombies before they overrun his new town?

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