Taconi and Claude – Double Trouble

This is a young teen adventure set in Australian outback territory: great for boys and tomboys. This coming of age story takes place on Coorparoo Cattle Station in Queensland of 1950. Young aboriginal boy  Taconi, with help from his chatty cockatoo Claude, has big decisions to make.  A crazy Dad, a magic feather, and his looming man ceremony put a lump of worry in Taconi’s belly. Then there’s the Dreamtime Spirits: they have plans of their own for him. A loony emu, plus millions of biting green ants, only make matters worse. Decision time approaches. Will Taconi keep a foot in two worlds, or choose just one?

About the Author

Margot Finke comes from the land Down-under – Australia.  Look at a world globe and you will see it, right “down-under” all the other countries.  Margot is an Aussie who now lives with her family in Oregon, USA. She started writing when her family kinda transplanted themselves to the US. She didn’t want her three young kids to forget Australia, so every night at bedtime, she made up stories for them about the unique Aussie animals they had to leave behind.  These rhyming stories finally became her first published books:  a 7x book series, titled  “Wild and Wonderful.” These picture books tell fun facts, and stories about US and Aussie critters.

Her latest is “Taconi and Claude- Double Trouble,” an exciting adventure set in the Aussie outback close to where Margot grew up. “I love writing about places I know Down-under,” says Margot. “And the Dreamtime, and the aboriginal culture, is so rich and interesting. And YES, Sulfur Crested Cockatoos like Claude can talk a mile a minute. They are no bird brains, fairdinkum mate.”

Other Books by Margot Finke

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All available from Amazon.com

Author’s Links

Website: http://www.margotfinke.com

Blog: http://hookkidsonreading.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/margot.finke

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Margot10

One Response to Taconi and Claude – Double Trouble

  1. Thank you so much for listing “Taconi and Claude.” I wrote it as a fun, exciting adventure that would HOOK boys on reading. I would love to hear from those who have read it I answer every e-mail. It is also available in a soft cover version.

    Margot Finke
    *Books for Kids – Manuscript Critique

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