Bringing Back Memories

June 30, 2012

Another Kindle for Kids author remembers the school summer holidays. Today, it’s the turn of David G Pearce:

Whenever I think of summer holidays from when I was a kid very few really stick in my memory. As you know, most summers are pretty much the same as each other. The initial excitement of leaving school behind for six weeks becomes boredom as your parents take you round another castle or cathedral you really don’t want to see! Your friends are away on their own holidays, usually when you’re home, so you hardly see them during August. When you’re in school the weather is amazing but as soon as you break up the weather seems determined to be as miserable as possible! For me, though, there was always one thing saving summer when you were a kid and that was THE summer track.

Every summer has a track that just seems to be played everywhere. When I was a kid that meant the radio or the single I bought then played dozens of times to get the words right.  When you get older you’ll hear that song and you’ll be taken back to things you’d forgotten about or friends you hadn’t thought about for years.

One summer track that rescued an otherwise forgettable holiday was Japanese Boy by Aneka in 1981. When I first heard it I didn’t like it but after it got played on Radio 1 and at friends’ houses I bought it and it became the sound of that year. Now, as soon as I hear it I can picture the friends I had then and some of the things we did. Nothing important happened that year unless you were a cricket fan like me, (look up Botham’s Ashes on Youtube!) but looking back it was fun even if it seemed like a rubbish summer at the time.

What was your summer track and what memories does it bring back for you?


Thanks, David. Mine is ‘In The Summertime’ by Mungo Jerry – but that’s just showing how old I am.

You can read more of David’s work in his story The Girl on the Train on this page.

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