Twelve-year-old Native American girl, Janine Prentiss, is tired of spending her summers digging up dinosaur bones with her single-parent father, an eminent paleontologist. But neither does she want to spend her summer vacation listening to her shaman grandfather’s lame tales of spirit quests and totem creatures who talk.

Justin Prentiss thinks his twin sister Janine is nuts. What kid in their right mind wouldn’t love field camp? The wild beauty of Montana mountains, fresh air, and adults too busy to pay attention to what a guy is doing as long as he shows up for meals and bedtime. Field camp rocks! At least until Janine finds a weird chunk of granite…

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About the Author

Hi! I’m Deb.

I love fantasy of all flavors, from Celtic mythology to Native American legends. Dragons are my favorite fantasy creatures, but I also love faeries, water horses, sasquatch, and thunderbirds.

Of course, I like normal critters too. My dog is my favorite. She’s a bull mastiff and is the exact color of a perfectly toasted marshmallow. Oh, and you might like to know that I’m a mother of twins…boy-girl twins. Just like Justin and Janine in Thunderbird! If you visit my website, you can read an interview about me being a mother of twins.

Hooray for Faeries and Dragons and Thunderbirds, Oh My!

Deb’s Links

Deb Logan Writes –

Facebook Author Page –

Twitter –!/deb_logan

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